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Mu Participates In The 9th Higher Education Exhibitions

Mzumbe University participated in the 9th Higher Education, Science and Technology exhibitions which will be held at Diamond Jubilee Hall starting from May 21st-23rd 2014 in Dar es Salaam. The theme for this year exhibitions was “Leveraging National Development through Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation”

The exhibition was organized by the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training (MOEVT) and Higher Education Institutions, Regulatory, Professional and Research Bodies.

The objectives of the exhibitions was to create and promote equity, collaborations, partnerships, networks and linkages between higher education institutions, industry, research and development institutions for attainment of National development goals as well as for the regional and global socio economic development.

The guest of honor was the Minister of Science and Technology, Hon. Prof. Makame Mbarawa. Mzumbe University managed to get four booths and was represented by 15 staff from the Directorate of Communications, Admission Office and representatives from School, Faculty and Campus Colleges.

BNU Joins ACE Programme

The Africa China and Europe (ACE) intensive Summer Programme

The Africa, China and Europe (ACE) Intensive Summer Programme in Development Studies is among several successful collaboration projects that Mzumbe University has established with other higher education institutions within the country and abroad. The joint program initially began last year, and covered a broad range of issues that included; rural, local and regional economic development; environmental and natural resource management; governance for equitable development, and population migration, urbanization; and reproductive health.

This year the programme welcomed 11 students from the University of Groningen, five students from Chinese Agricultural University and 23 students from our own Mzumbe University. Also this year another Chinese university has joined the programme, namely Beijing Normal University (BNU), which had 2 student participants. The Programme this year had included new topics such as deforestation, women empowerment and entrepreneurship. Furthermore, the students were able to work together in the field and practice their research skills.

Although ACE began only last year, it suffices to say that the collaboration has been a success. It enabled building a strategic network for MU, and connected different universities interested in interdisciplinary development research and training students. In other words, ACE has contributed effectively to the implementation of the internalization agenda of Mzumbe University, RUG, CAU and BNU.

Since ACE Programme establishment in 2013, Mzumbe University through the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) which is a host of the Programme, has been able to receive three Scholarships for PhD research for its academic staff. The three staff are in their early stages of their PhD studies at the University of Groningen and Chinese Agricultural University (CAU).

Needless to say, the ACE program offers students from different countries an extraordinary opportunity to get firsthand experience on development issues. Above all, the ACE program enabled students from different cultures and countries to exchange their intellectual viewpoints. Hopefully the program will be a success next year, and that it will continue to collaborate with universities from different countries.

Professor Kuzilwa Interfaculty Games

Mzumbe University Main Campus Inter-faculty game Opening 2014

Mzumbe University has employed carrying out Interfaculty Games within the academic year. This year’s interfaculty games were named after Mzumbe University Vice Chancellor Professor Joseph Kuzilwa; following his effortless, tremendous support and contribution over the years in this specific field. Professor Kuzilwa Interfaculty Games 2014 consisted of competitive matches in football; netball; volleyball; basketball; pool table and track and field.

The highlights of the event comprised of School of Business (SOB) winning the football match after dominating its games, which were played with other faculties. The finale saw SOB winning against Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) who became second runner up. Netball finale was between Master students versus FST, in which the Master team were winners. SOB once again dominated in volleyball defeating the Master team, who gracefully accepted second place. As for pool table and basketball FST dominated and came on top as winners, while SOB took second place.

Men long distance was dominated by Salehe Hamisi from Faculty and Social Science (FSS), followed by second runner up Carol John from School of Public Administration and Management (SOPAM). As for the women long distance was won by Magreth Komba FST who dominated the field, second runner up was awarded to Neema Kimath of SOPAM. In the other category of men sprinting was led by Erick Shigella from SOB, followed by second runner up Salehe Hamisi FSS. Women   sprinting distance running) was won by Jamilah Mkomwa of FSS followed by second runner up Neema Kimath of SOPAM.

After entertaining events, filled with memorable moments the Interfaculty Games came to an end, whereby sportsmanship gathered at the Lumumba Complex garden to receive their awards and celebrate their greatness.

Next year the University looks forward to another year of healthy competition. Allowing sportsmanship, comradeship and thinking ability among athletes. Suffice to say sport and games are mostly beneficial to our health.

Mzumbe University Main Campus Environmental awareness Day

A tour of Chancellor Hon. Barnabas Samatta to Mbeya Campus College

Visit Mbeya Campus College

President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete receiving gift from Mzumbe Univerity Council Chairman, Professor Daniel Mkude


President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete in a group photo with former Dean of Faculty of Law who was appointed Judge of High Court

Former Dean Faculty of Law Dr. Modesta Opiyo appointed Judge of High Court